Survivors, Crossout celebrates another anniversary: five years since the launch of the alpha version! We are proud to walk through the Wasteland with you. As is tradition, we remember the story of the best game in the world, give away presents and share our favourite elements of Crossout.

2015: the birth

In 2015, we first showed Crossout in Los Angeles at the largest game exhibition E3. And then at Gamescom in Cologne. Development of the game began long before these events, but we decided to start the countdown from 2015. After all, this is when closed alpha testing began in Crossout. The first survivors arrived in the Wasteland. Factions, PvE raids and leviathans emerged as well. It was the birth of the game.

2016: clans and game modes

We love exhibitions and therefore continued to show Crossout to the world in 2016. As always, the scale was grand. Our Gamescom booth had a real armoured car! In the meantime, we added three full-fledged game modes, added support for clans and updated the parts system.

2017: OBT and new factions

2017 is another milestone. We're talking about the launch of open beta testing when Crossout became available to everyone on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Three new factions were added to the game: Dawn's children, Steppenwolfs and Firestarters. At the same time, we visited the famous Russian game exhibition “Igromir”.

2018: New maps, Adventure and Battle Royale

“Battle Royale” and “Bedlam” modes, 8 new locations and a big story campaign "Adventure". Recognize the year? Of course, it's 2018! That was some hard work.

2019: improved graphics, brawls and new parts

A year ago, in 2019, we were hard at work. The game was already 4 years old and it was time to update the graphics — we added new lighting. And a long-awaited speedometer, new garages, a regular update of in-game brawls, dozens of new parts.

2020: Founders, Ravens and a bright future

The year 2020 barely began, and the development of a new faction was already in progress. Return of the Founders is a landmark event in the Wasteland world because another chassis type appeared in Crossout. Wheels, augers, hovers, tracks, mechanical legs, and now the synthesis of legs and wheels called “Bigram”. The Knechte who used to bring us new parts were defeated, but the Ravens took their place. Meanwhile, we continued to rework maps and develop new content: parts, weapons, characters, quests and much more.

In honour of the anniversary, we have prepared a gift for you — a new garage! It will appear in the game in the big update 0.11.40 and will be free for all players.