Wastelands once again became a place for the Witch hunt event! An updated especially for the event “Ravagers foothold” map, new unique rewards for your cars and ranges, clan battles with leviathans and more exciting stuff are waiting for you in this update!

“Witch hunt” event

Once again Ivy XO dresses up as a Witch from the Valley to arranges a holiday for everybody! During the annual event, the Survivors clear the area of dangerous sweets, and terrifying new products - pots with the most unexpected contents. In the meantime, in anticipation of hellish races, everyone exchanges rumour about the return of the semi-mythical Mirage, "The Witch's Hunt" is getting started!

  • Tricky treats can only be obtained in the brawl “Witch Hunt” or in the special PvP-mission “Trick or treat!”.
  • Brawl “Witch Hunt” and the mission “Trick or treat!” available from level 4 of the Engineers faction.
  • “Tricky treats” along with other resources can be exchanged for unique decor, paint and stickers in a special “Witch Cauldron” workbench.
  • Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of treats received as a result of the battle.
  • At the end of the in-game event, all unused treats will be withdrawn without replacements.
  • The event will last till November 8 inclusive.

Features of the updated brawl “Witch Hunt”:

  • This time the brawl takes place on an updated “Ravagers foothold” map.
  • Victory in the brawl goes to the person who can keep festive balloons on his armoured vehicle longer than others and earn 100 points.
  • The brawl offers pre-assembled blueprints with boosters.
  • There are festive cauldrons on the map, and by breaking them the player can get additional advantages in the brawl. Among them: temporary invulnerability, temporary invisibility, the ability to release a “Kapkan” mine or a shell from a homing “Scorpion”.
  • Be careful and be ready for anything — festive skulls can also attach a bomb to your armoured car or slow it down. Hurry to touch the enemy’s armoured car and pass the bomb to it, otherwise, you're gonna go boom!
  • To take the holiday balloons from the enemy, you only need to crash into his car. And remember: a high-speed chase is not the only way out. Show your cunning and ingenuity!
  • The brawl will be active during the whole time of the event and will not replace the rest of the brawls.

What new stuff can you expect in the “Witch's Cauldron” this year?

Besides some rewards that our experienced survivors are already familiar with, we’ve prepared some new unique rewards:

Cosmetic items for your cars

  • “Legendary” decor items “LED Soaring bat” and “LED Jack”
  • “Legendary” paints “Pink panther” and “Kaleidoscope”

Range objects

  • “Rare” destructible objects: “Pumpkin”, “Small pumpkin”, “Captured ghost” and “Captured ghost (high)”
  • “Special” destructible object “Creepy spider”
  • “Epic” amusement rides “Phantom targer” and “Slanted phantom target”
  • “Epic” paints for range objects: “Pale green” and “Lilac”
  • “Legendary” paints for range objects: “Kind witch” and “Angry pumpkin”

Special event tasks

Complete 3 special tasks and receive more memorable rewards!

  • Complete 5 matches in “Witch hunt”. Reward: “rare” car paint “Isotope-239 metallic”.
  • Earn 250 points in “Witch hunt” (during multiple matches). Reward: “special” car paint “Electon metallic”.
  • Take a medal place 5 times in “Witch hunt”. Reward: a unique background for you banner.


During the “Witch hunt” event:

  • All the hangars are decorated for Halloween.
  • Special weather is enabled for all the garages. You may switch it in your profile - “Garage” tab.

Crossout -  “Phantom” 

Unique armoured car “Phantom”

Clan battles

Clan battles with leviathans

  • Added clan battles with leviathans to the clan battles schedule.
  • Battles with leviathans will be held on Wednesday, from 00:00 till 04:00 GMT, and on Thursday, from 11:00 till 15:00 and from 17:00 till 21:00 GMT.
  • In the future we may reconsider the current schedule.



Added reversed versions of both “Rocky track” and “Industrial track” maps to the “Race” brawl rotation.

Update: https://crossout.net/en/news/1392-update-pc-crossout-0-12-10-witch-hunt/