In-game event “Drone Day”

Attention! The event will last from March 26 to April 8!

New brawl “Dronapocalypse”

  • The battle takes place in the format “8 vs 8”.
  • Your objective in the battle is to destroy the enemy Leviathan or to minimize its durability before the battle is over and defend your Leviathan.
  • The team that defeats the enemy Leviathan wins the battle. If at the end of the allotted time, no team destroyed the enemy Leviathan, then the one whose leviathan has more durability remaining wins.
  • Survivors use pre-assembled drones in this brawl.
  • At the start of each battle, you are randomly given a drone.
  • The mode has respawns. Before each respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 drones to continue the battle. The shown blueprints are randomly selected. If you fail to choose a drone in the allotted time, you will automatically be given one of the five picks.

Special challenges and rewards

  • Play 5 rounds in the brawl. Reward: secret reward.
  • Kill 45 enemies-drones in the brawl. Reward: 2 stickers “Fight club”.
  • Win the brawl 5 times. Reward: 2 stickers carpet banner background.
  • Deal 20000 damage to the Leviathan in the brawl. Reward: decor “Duck hub”.​
  • Shoot the duck on the Leviathan in the brawl. Reward: “Spring drone”.

“Stay at home” event

Attention! During the emergency in the Wasteland, the leaders of all factions unanimously urge all survivors to limit contacts as much as possible in real life, wash their hands thoroughly and, if possible, not to leave their homes.

A special “Stay at home” challenge is available for all players:

  • Having won 15 mission PvP battles, the survivor is guaranteed to receive 15 in-game coins.
  • The special “Stay at home” challenge can be completed once per day.
  • The challenge will be available from March 26 to April 9.

Crossout — Assault Force: Charlie-7 (Deluxe edition)

All players who buy the pack get a garage of the Assault Force as a gift!

To switch the standard garage to the garage of the Assault Squad, go to your profile, select the “Garage” tab, select the garage you want and press “Use”.

Unique armoured car “Scout vehicle”:

  • Weapon: unique guided missile “ATGM Flute”, 3 pcs.
    • Rarity: epic.
    • PS: 580.
    • Ammunition: 6 pcs.
    • Durability: 47 pts.
    • Energy consumption: 2 pts.
    • Mass: 81 kg.
    • Perk: “For every second of the flight, the missile's explosive damage increases by 10%”.
  • Unique paint can “Composite armor”.
  • Unique character portrait “Charlie-7”.
  • 4000 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player gets:

  • Unique background and logo of the Assault Force scout.
  • A set of decorative grilles.
  • “Scout vehicle” structural parts.
  • A set of unique stickers.
  • “APC wheels” with a unique CK “Rebel” 4 pcs.
  • The maximum number of parts increased to 62.


- Personal file No. 12850
- Title: Senior Lieutenant
- Operation call sign: Charlie-7
- Specialization: long-range surveillance
- Due for military service in 2047.


According to the latest assessment, Charlie-7 showed high stress resistance and speed of decision-making. There is a willingness to sacrifice oneself if debt so requires. Analyzes and structures the information obtained during the missions well. Shows initiative, has high rates of live prisoner capture.

Recommended for assignment to Operation “Return”.

Attention! The deluxe version of “Assault Force: Charlie-7” will be available till April 26, 23:59 GMT.