Crossout 0.11.10

In-game event “Winter Mayhem”

Attention! The event and the brawl “Battlefield” will be active from February 20 to March 7!

  • Battles take part on a special map “Tank range”.
  • Survivors use pre-built armoured vehicles in the format “8 vs 8”.
  • At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car:
    • A choice of 5 blueprints with different weapons and, accordingly, roles.
    • The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players.
    • If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is randomly selected.
  • The mode has respawns. Before the respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 cars on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the car in the allotted time, you will automatically be given the same armoured car as before.
  • Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents.
  • The number of points for each destruction increases, depending on the number of bases that your team controls:
    • No bases: 1 point for destruction.
    • 1 base: 2 points for destruction.
    • 2 bases: 3 points for destruction.
    • 3 bases: 4 points for destruction.
  • A victory earns the player rating points, the number of which depends on his place in the rating table and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • A defeat leads to the loss of a certain number of rating points.
  • Reaching each league level opens up new unique rewards (decor and paint).
  • In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle.

The list of leagues and corresponding rewards (in order of increasing the level of the league):

  • Tin (100-199 rating points). Reward — 2 rare stickers “64th Brigade”.
  • Copper (200 - 399 rating points). Reward — 1 rare decor “Digger”.
  • Iron (400 - 599 rating points). Reward — 1 decor of special rarity “Surface-decor”.
  • Bronze (600 - 799 rating points). Reward — 1 epic decor “Tactical birch”.
  • Silver (800 - 1199 rating points). Reward — a horn of epic rarity “Siren”.
  • Gold (1200 - 1499 rating points). Reward — paint of epic rarity “Quagmire”.
  • Palladium (1500 - 1699 rating points). Reward — a hubcap of legendary rarity “Second set”.
  • Platinum (1700 - 1999 rating points). Reward — paint of legendary rarity “Camo Gloss”.
  • Diamond (2000+ rating points). Reward — a hubcap of legendary rarity “Russian Roulette”.

Star Conflict 1.6.7: Happy Universe Defender Day!

Pilots! UMC wishes you a happy Universe Defender Day, a holiday traditionally celebrated in February. Protect the Universe from enemies, win and get rewards!

Fight and earn xenochips! Get Premium ships!

From February 20 to March 10, a new stage for collecting a special game currency — Xenochips — begins! For a limited time, a number of Premium class ships can be bought with xenochips:

  • Orelus
  • Deimon
  • Black Hort
  • Blade of Aressa
  • Patriarch

Bundles with Premium ship parts are available for purchase in the game store. Xenochips can be received as a reward for completing special tasks before March 10.

Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time, and after the end of the event, they will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. Make sure to spend your xenochips before the end of the event!

New Seed-chips

UMC engineers detect the emergence of a new type of Seed-chips among the mercenaries, which change the parameters of the ship’s shields. Research into new types of Seed-chips has already begun.

Sources and production technologies of Seed-chips are still not clear, therefore their use is allowed only in battles against AI, in PvE missions and Open Space. Pilots should install pirate technology at their own risk!

  • Seed-chips are modules with random parameters and random characteristics that enhance the ship's shields.

  • Seed-chips can be improved by getting stronger chips.

  • Up to five Seed-chips can be installed on a ship.

  • Seed-chips can be found in Open Space in locations attacked by Aliens, as well as after the destruction of special ships of pirates and Aliens.