Attention, pilots! UMC announces the end of the Moon Race! All pilots can now build the new Jericho guard frigate “Custodian” and take part in the event “Hostile Waters, visit the location “Dreamland” and take part in the PVE-mission “Temple of Last Hope”.

New location “Dreamland”

  • The location is available to all players.
  • You can enter the location through the “Open space” mode through the gates in the “Guardian-17” location.

“Hostile Waters” Event

  • Now all players can participate in the event.
  • Players get tasks in the location “Dreamland”.

PvE mission “Temple of Last Hope”

  • Now the mission is available to all players.


Jericho guard frigate “Custodian”

  • Pilots who received all three parts of the “Manual Piloting System” in the Moon Race can assemble the “Custodian” ship at any time.

  • In the future, the ship will be available to players only as part of DLC.

  • Those pilots who received one or more parts of the Manual Piloting System during the Moon Race will get a special discount on the purchase of the Custodian DLC when it is available.

  • The discount is bigger if you earned more parts of the “Manual Piloting System” during the race.

  • To get a discount, you do not need to have the parts in your warehouse. It is important that you participated in the “Moon Race” and opened the cells with parts of the “Manual Piloting System”.

Special module "Protective barrier"

  • Increased distance between the barrier and the ship.
  • The size of the barrier is doubled.
  • Now the barrier lets projectiles from allies through.

Weapons and modules


  • Weapon damage increased by 15%.


  • Added the title “Honorary UMC informant”.