We are happy to announce the Fall release of a global update ‘Invasion’ for the space action Star Conflict. Pilots of spaceships will not only be able to join multiplayer battles, but also to launch into the vast outer space. Closed beta testing of ‘Invasion’ will last all summer. Players can get access to Star Conflict CBT right now. It's enough to earn the in-game achievements ‘Prometheus Squad’ or ‘Universe Conqueror’ - and you can jump in to conquer space!

New round of the space saga introduces players to Precursors—an ancient race that disappeared in another dimension thousands of years ago, but now returning and ready to start the invasion. Invader ships may appear right next to the player any time and start the attack. So exploring open space is better with a team of friends. Especially because a surprise attack may be sprung on you not only by aliens, but also other players. All new locations are open for PvP. In the new territories of Star Conflict pilots can explore the remote corners of the galaxy, take assignments, loot merchant caravans and join the battle with pirates. In any case, they will be rewarded—with materials, spare parts and even entire mechanisms of which in future they will be able to create unique defence modules and weapons for their ships.

“‘Invasion’ mode is a huge step in the development of Star Conflict. The game world is now much bigger, there are new things to do, new characters, new storyline. ‘Invasion’ will be released in open access this Fall, and now, during the closed beta testing, we can fix all the small mistakes and polish the new mode. We are grateful to our players who support us from the very start of the project. Their opinion is very important for us, so access to the closed beta will be open to all users with the in-game achievement ‘Prometheus Squad’,”- said Stanislav Skorb, StarGem Inc. studio's director
Those who have only recently joined the Star Conflict may also gain access to the new mode right now. Everybody can earn the achievement ‘Universe Conqueror’, and be the first to conquer the vast expanses of space.