Hey guys!

You know what? Yes! BlazeRush is now available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital download distribution service Steam!

Frantic Top Down Combat Racing Ignites the Tracks with Rubber and Rockets!
In a new twist to the arcade racing genre, BlazeRush does away with the traditional damage 
counters and health bars to keep the ferociously fast races in progress. The only way for a player to die is by falling off the death defying track and plummeting to the landscape far below. 

Designed with local multiplayer in mind, BlazeRush allows up to four players shared-screen local play and up to eight players online, with a very simple pick up and play control style. With the ‘drop in’ system, one player can start racing against bots, and then as other players join the bots are removed. 

The game includes sixteen playable vehicles, all of which have notably different handling and racing capabilities, ranging from heavy tracked crawlers to light race cars and hovercrafts. Additionally, players can choose from a vast assortment of weapon power-ups to use against racing opponents, such as pushing, throwing, stunning or slowing down other 
vehicles on the track. It’s not just about winning the race, there is also the constant challenge of trying to knock out rivals while keeping your vehicle on the track.

BlazeRush Features:

- Multiplayer focused: Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online;
- Co-op;
- Easy ‘drop in and drop out’ player mode.

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Targem Games Team.