Targem Games in collaboration with Gaijin Ent. announces the release of the highly anticipated version 1.0 of the space thriller Star Conflict! Space exploration, craft ships, support for Oculus Rift DK2 and many other features are now available with the game's release.

Invasion is now available to all players in Star Conflict. Pilots will encounter the mysterious aliens, that have been missing in another dimension for years, and this is only the beginning of an ambitious new storyline. Confrontation with strangers unfold in new locations that are open to free exploration and player attacks! Using materials and blueprints found during raids you can create not only armor and weapons, but even entire ships! Also, players can expect new assignments, battles with pirates and merchants, and owners of the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift DK2 can now enjoy space battles in stereoscopic 3D.
Throughout the past week members of the closed test of Invasion have been fighting off attacks of Aliens who had invaded the territory of the space colonies. Brave defenders managed to destroy more than 200,000 biomorphs, for which they received rewards in the form of double experience and trophy rates. With the 1.0 update, all players will be able to join the defenders. With each passing day more and more Aliens arrive, but the reward for killing them becomes even higher.
‘We are grateful to our players for their help in the development of the game, and congratulate everyone with the release of version 1.0 - each open testing participant will receive a special achievement. The development of Star Conflict is gaining momentum: in the near future, the game will get dreadnoughts - huge spaceships available for construction only in corporations, so long-awaited by our pilots. Players will also see a continuation of the story of the struggle for dominance in the galaxy. Aliens are not the only danger in the open space. In other short-term plans - PvE raids, territory capture system, as well as new events and locations for an open world, and for the session part of the game’ - says Stanislav Skorb, director of StarGem Inc.

Always yours,

Star Conflict Team.