Happy New Year!

30 December 2014, 18:09

Dear friends!

We congratulate you on the coming New Year! Let 2015 be successful and full of good deeds!

We sincerely wish you good health, inexhaustible energy, prosperity, strength to conquer new heights and great creative achievements!


Always yours, 

Targem Games team.

BlazeRush now supports Oculus Rift!

19 December 2014, 18:09

BlazeRush patch 1.0.3.

- Added camera option, to focus on local player's cars only. When played alone this new camera won't zoom out, and will keep your car at the center of the screen;
- Added Oculus Rift support;
- Added gamepad support for Mac and Linux version.

Etherlords are one of the best in AppStore!

10 December 2014, 15:09

We are pleased to announce that our mobile project Etherlords, developed by Targem Games together with Nival, became one of the best application of 2014 according to App Store!

BlazeRush. Patch 1.0.1. for PC

19 November 2014, 15:59


We were working hard for several weeks to deliver two features, that should help random people find each other and play together. First of all, game now uses UPnP to poke ports needed for steam matchmaking. It won't make all parties visible in the list, but we really hope that it will work for most people. Also, we will release dedicated server application, as a more practical way to host online games.



- Improved matchmaking;
- Fixed display on not-native aspects in fullscreen;
- Added key tips on lobby and race results screens;
- Fixed death-roller twitching on client;
- Fixed bug with additional cups in career mode;
- Fixed connection throug steam interface during gameplay;
- Fixed ping indicator in server list.

BlazeRush dashing to Steam and PS3 today!

29 October 2014, 10:52

Hey guys!

You know what? Yes! BlazeRush is now available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital download distribution service Steam!

Frantic Top Down Combat Racing Ignites the Tracks with Rubber and Rockets!
In a new twist to the arcade racing genre, BlazeRush does away with the traditional damage 
counters and health bars to keep the ferociously fast races in progress. The only way for a player to die is by falling off the death defying track and plummeting to the landscape far below. 

Designed with local multiplayer in mind, BlazeRush allows up to four players shared-screen local play and up to eight players online, with a very simple pick up and play control style. With the ‘drop in’ system, one player can start racing against bots, and then as other players join the bots are removed. 

The game includes sixteen playable vehicles, all of which have notably different handling and racing capabilities, ranging from heavy tracked crawlers to light race cars and hovercrafts. Additionally, players can choose from a vast assortment of weapon power-ups to use against racing opponents, such as pushing, throwing, stunning or slowing down other 
vehicles on the track. It’s not just about winning the race, there is also the constant challenge of trying to knock out rivals while keeping your vehicle on the track.

BlazeRush Features:

- Multiplayer focused: Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online;
- Co-op;
- Easy ‘drop in and drop out’ player mode.

Always yours,

Targem Games Team.

Star Conflict. Version 1.0.

04 September 2014, 18:52

Targem Games in collaboration with Gaijin Ent. announces the release of the highly anticipated version 1.0 of the space thriller Star Conflict! Space exploration, craft ships, support for Oculus Rift DK2 and many other features are now available with the game's release.

Invasion is now available to all players in Star Conflict. Pilots will encounter the mysterious aliens, that have been missing in another dimension for years, and this is only the beginning of an ambitious new storyline. Confrontation with strangers unfold in new locations that are open to free exploration and player attacks! Using materials and blueprints found during raids you can create not only armor and weapons, but even entire ships! Also, players can expect new assignments, battles with pirates and merchants, and owners of the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift DK2 can now enjoy space battles in stereoscopic 3D.
Throughout the past week members of the closed test of Invasion have been fighting off attacks of Aliens who had invaded the territory of the space colonies. Brave defenders managed to destroy more than 200,000 biomorphs, for which they received rewards in the form of double experience and trophy rates. With the 1.0 update, all players will be able to join the defenders. With each passing day more and more Aliens arrive, but the reward for killing them becomes even higher.
‘We are grateful to our players for their help in the development of the game, and congratulate everyone with the release of version 1.0 - each open testing participant will receive a special achievement. The development of Star Conflict is gaining momentum: in the near future, the game will get dreadnoughts - huge spaceships available for construction only in corporations, so long-awaited by our pilots. Players will also see a continuation of the story of the struggle for dominance in the galaxy. Aliens are not the only danger in the open space. In other short-term plans - PvE raids, territory capture system, as well as new events and locations for an open world, and for the session part of the game’ - says Stanislav Skorb, director of StarGem Inc.

Always yours,

Star Conflict Team.

Meet the Etherlords!

23 August 2014, 18:52

Targem Games announces a project developed in partnership with Nival.

Meet the Etherlords! A game of epic battles and totally awesome creatures! Get ready to go! 
Stop constructing buildings — create entire worlds! 
Collect and fuse creatures and fight to defend your world or conquer others! Unfold the secrets of Cataclysm: discover the truth and find what really had happened! Meet new creatures: more than 180 mighty monsters from Wolves and Witchdoctors to Dragons, Scorpion King and even Colossus! Find them all, rule them all! Enjoy fast battles and beat your opponent in just 60 sec — faster than making a cup of coffee!
The Universe needs you! Summon and train your army, master new skills and strategies to make it truly unstoppable.

The game will be available on iOS September 4th.

Targem Games announces BlazeRush

19 August 2014, 18:52

Targem Games announces the release of BlazeRush, a top-down vehicular combat game in the best traditions of the genre.

 BlazeRush is crazy energy and dynamic gameplay combined with shared-screen local multiplayer for up to 4 players and up to 8 players online. You will be able to join a game with friends at any moment, which makes the mode even more attractive. Thanks to interesting mechanics that create unpredictable situations on the road between the players, you can really feel the physics of the game — intense and crazy, yet intuitive.

‘No levelling and health, BlazeRush players will be able to kill any enemy on any machine. They will be rewarded in any case — with each new achievement come new cars, weapons and modes. I think our game will be interesting for both veterans of the genre and novices alike.’ — Says Gregory Ivanov, lead game designer of the project.

The game will be available on PS3 and PC this October.



Meet us at Gamescom 2014.

15 July 2014, 18:52

Targem Games announce participation of Star Conflict in the international game exhibition in Cologne. 
The online space action Star Conflict will participate in one of the largest exhibitions in the world of computer games — Gamescom 2014, which will be held from 13 to 17 August in Cologne, Koelnmesse exhibition center. 
During the exhibition you can expect details about the new game mode in Star Conflict, as well as pleasant surprises for the guests! 
Journalists wishing to learn more about future plans for the development of the game can make an appointment with the developers. 

We will be glad to meet you!

Star Conflict. Invasion.

20 June 2014, 11:52

We are happy to announce the Fall release of a global update ‘Invasion’ for the space action Star Conflict. Pilots of spaceships will not only be able to join multiplayer battles, but also to launch into the vast outer space. Closed beta testing of ‘Invasion’ will last all summer. Players can get access to Star Conflict CBT right now. It's enough to earn the in-game achievements ‘Prometheus Squad’ or ‘Universe Conqueror’ - and you can jump in to conquer space!

New round of the space saga introduces players to Precursors—an ancient race that disappeared in another dimension thousands of years ago, but now returning and ready to start the invasion. Invader ships may appear right next to the player any time and start the attack. So exploring open space is better with a team of friends. Especially because a surprise attack may be sprung on you not only by aliens, but also other players. All new locations are open for PvP. In the new territories of Star Conflict pilots can explore the remote corners of the galaxy, take assignments, loot merchant caravans and join the battle with pirates. In any case, they will be rewarded—with materials, spare parts and even entire mechanisms of which in future they will be able to create unique defence modules and weapons for their ships.

“‘Invasion’ mode is a huge step in the development of Star Conflict. The game world is now much bigger, there are new things to do, new characters, new storyline. ‘Invasion’ will be released in open access this Fall, and now, during the closed beta testing, we can fix all the small mistakes and polish the new mode. We are grateful to our players who support us from the very start of the project. Their opinion is very important for us, so access to the closed beta will be open to all users with the in-game achievement ‘Prometheus Squad’,”- said Stanislav Skorb, StarGem Inc. studio's director
Those who have only recently joined the Star Conflict may also gain access to the new mode right now. Everybody can earn the achievement ‘Universe Conqueror’, and be the first to conquer the vast expanses of space.

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