Dance Magic released in North America, Mexica and Canada!

15 January 2013, 9:31

Targem Games is announcing that Dance Magic — a new, high-energy motion game for PlayStation 3 — released.

Starting January 8, North American, Mexican and Canadian players will be able to buy Dance Magic from the PlayStation Network.Soon the game will be released in Europe! It will be announced further!

What if scientists invented a brand new form of biological energy able to convert dancing moves to real power? Then the fate of the whole human race would depend on the most skilled dancer’s will. To protect the dance floor from evil – and to save the world from a grievous end you are here, the hero of Dance Magic. Catch the rhythm, and let the magic begin!

Download the game!

It's smuggling time in Star Conflict!

10 January 2013, 11:44

Attention, Pilots!
We have an important announcement: smugglers have appeared in the vast reaches of space! They travel through the galaxy on a black ship with no markings and sell high-tech microchips. We still do not know who designs and manufactures the devices. But according to pilots who have already seen the goods provided by smugglers, microchips and unauthorized software will improve the characteristics of the owner's ship or any of their allied ships! Microchips fail over time or after a set number of battles, depending on their type. Beware of illicit devices, because they can be a powerful advantage in combat!

PS: Microchip shopping window can be found in the upper right corner of your hangar!

For other innovations of the latest Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.1 patch, please visit the game forum.

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