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20 November 2013, 16:33

Good news for our fans and friends!
Now you can follow our life and work in the photo/video app Instagram!

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Dragon Empire for iPad on App Store!

30 August 2013, 15:33

Build the new capital of the Dragon Empire!

Progress through challenging "match 3" levels to build your reputation. Interact with citizens and complete quests to construct magnificent and functional buildings and unlock powerful bonuses.
Solve the mystery of your birth and save the Empire!

* Relaxing and addictive puzzle-solving experience
* 80+ engaging puzzle boards
* 9 spectacular and handy power-ups
* Listen to relaxing music
* Build a beautiful Oriental city
* Challenge your friends in the Game of the Week mode
* Interact with charming characters to solve the great mystery.

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Star Conflict Development Plan

02 April 2013, 15:33

We would like to share with you a new development plan for Star Conflict.

The Star Conflict team would like to thank our players for their interest in the project! Thanks to you, the project is constantly evolving,new updates are being released every week, new content and game modes are in development.When working on a project, we always consider your wishes and suggestions, and adjust our plans accordingly. Today your opinion is important for us like never before. We hope that you'll like all the great updates that will soon be available to you in Start Conflict.

Star Conflict is on Steam now!

13 March 2013, 10:07

Over 200,000 users are playing Star Conflict on Steam! You have to be there too! The number of players is increasing every day and has already reached 5,000 players online at the same time! Hurry up and join now!

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.5

07 February 2013, 10:20

Meet the new player profile in the latest Star Conflict patch OBT v 0.7.5! The player achievement screen has been transferred to a special interface - the Player Profile. Now, besides the achievements obtained, you can watch your combat and non-combat stats. Player profile reflects how much time you spent in the game, how many ships you destroyed, how many victories achieved and more.

The Ship Development tree became clearer and friendlier to players. Ship tooltips have also been expanded. You can view all the benefits of the ships before purchase. The tips also reflect all development opportunities and prospects for the future improvement of the ship!

The changes were made to the new PvE scenario - "Sabotage!" For full completion of this scenario you will find a special loot search zone, where the chances of finding unique weapons and components of high quality are much higher! Do not miss your chance!

A full list of new features can be found in the game's forum.

Star Conflict is celebrating its first birthday!

01 February 2013, 7:57

Star Conflict is celebrating its first birthday!

Oh how many adventures we've been through together!

We won, we lost, we united in corporations unlocked hidden ships!

And today we celebrate our birthday!

We thank our members and colleagues for being with us all the time, supporting us and helping us make the game even better!

Stay tuned, it's going to get even more interesting!..

Star Conflict Team.

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.4: new Mission!

31 January 2013, 12:24

Mindful of the repeated attempts by mercenaries to sabotage Dreadnoughts, we made a gift for those of you thirsting for revenge - a New PvE scenario!

Even the most powerful organizations of the universe can not afford to keep secret the movements of their most powerful warships. Pilots, you have a rare opportunity to disrupt the enemy corporation's repairs of a Dreadnought. During the raid, designed for entry-level ships, your attack group has to fulfill a daring plan, consisting of three stages. Disable the security systems and, before the enemy comes to its senses, destroy the Dreadnought's weapon system - it's not going to be back in action any time soon! But hold up! Information from anonymous sources reports that the Dreadnought is defended by a fleet of ships under control of artificial intelligence. As far as we know, "electronic pilots" defending the object are equipped with modules that adapt to the tactics of the enemy, so expect growing resistance as you approach your goal - the destruction of new missile systems installed on the upper deck of the Dreadnought.

Try your hand in the new Mission "Sabotage"!

We would be grateful if you tried the new PvE scenario and delivered your opinion in the comments section.

For complete information about the changes, please visit our game forum.

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.4: New map!

31 January 2013, 12:10

The cold expanse of space hides many secrets, but only a few of them are destined to draw the attention of the rulers of the most powerful organizations in the universe. Representatives of all three superpowers aggregate in the newly discovered system of Troy next to an asteroid belt, containing an rare, metal that has never been seen before. This metal is hidden in the depths of icy asteroids and tempered by the presence of the dying gas giant.

Will one of the races seize the stocks of this unusual metal? Is it possible that the metal will determine the outcome of all wars, and advance the study of Precursors? It's up to you to decide in heated battles on the new map "Ice reef!"

For complete information about the changes, please visit our game forum

New 0.7.3 patch for Star Conflict

24 January 2013, 13:15

Sometimes in the evening, when returning to the hangar after a hard day, battered, but not defeated, a Pilot wants only one thing - to let go... Is the only outcome of this battle really just a couple of dozen rockets launched into space and three new dents on the bodywork of your favourite interceptor? ..

Oh no, from now on, each and every battle is unique and brings you new achievements! The game now has a screen of player achievements. Now you have a private room with your precious trophies that you can enjoy! Player achievements interface is your personal Hall of Fame! We are proud of victories and heroic deeds of our brave mercenaries! And now, the pilots themselves will know exactly what they have achieved in the game. The moment when you can boast your victories and achievements is near!

Thanks to the player achievements interface, you can not only track your progress in the game, but set very specific goals that will lead you to one of the achievements! Every action brings you closer to the new achievements! Win, attack, perform impossible tasks - all will be taken into account and carefully calculated! For example, you can get the achievement "Win a battle in less than one minute." Or "Capture all the beacons simultaneously!" Or perhaps, "Shoot down 1,000 enemy rockets!" Thankfully, this isn't too difficlt now, because we added some new guided and unguided rocket batteries. We bet you're going to like them!

Collect the complete set of Achievements in Star Conflict and you will become part of the game's history. For complete information about the changes, please visit our game forum.

New patch Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.2

18 January 2013, 7:19

The new Star Conflict patch sees further development and improvement of the corporations. We added the ability to expand your corporations. The set of corporation ratings has been expanded with such new categories as PvP and PvE performance. We also added tags (abbreviations) for corporations. Add a tag to your name and everyone will know whose side you are on!

For our experienced and brave pilots flying T3 and T4 ships, we added a new mission - "Maintenance shop defence", where players have to protect hiddenl repair facilities, located in an asteroid belt. It is a difficult scenario, but it will test the strength of the most fearless pilots!The new patch also brings long-awaited changes to pilot development screen! Technologies are now combined into universal "implants" and each side of the conflict is pleased to provide you with their own unique sets. Pick your unique combination of implants and you won't leave the enemy a chance to win!

We would be grateful if you expressed your opinions about tthis patch! For a complete list of changes, visit the game forum.

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