New Year Syndrome

27 December 2012, 15:07

Attention, Pilots!
All sectors report the appearance of unexplained anomalies and artifacts.
Eyewitness acounts include white humanoid statues made of ice (after preliminary analyzes have revealed that they contain snow from Terra, they were quickly nicknamed "Snowmen").
Trees decorated with garlands were also seen. And even some of the goods in shops were unrecognizably altered by this anomaly.

In addition, the unexplained anomaly also affects the experience and reputation of all players. Now, after each fight, your experience and reputation rewards are doubled! Nobody knows how to stop it!

Do not panic! At the moment there is no information on casualties.
Our scientists are now busy studying the phenomenon. Historians have made the most progress, by linking anomalies with the ancient Earth holiday "New Year". Meanwhile, the anomaly has already been nicknamed the "New Year Syndrome" or simply "NYS".

Be careful!
New Year spirit is lurking nearby!

Star Conflict OBT v. 0.7.0.

27 December 2012, 14:52

Patch v. 0.7.0. brings us several important innovations.

We are pleased to welcome the ship development tree:
If it was difficult to assess the full range of ships in the game, to understand the relationship between them and make up your own plan for development, now, thanks to an intuitive and simple ship tree, you can enjoy all the features offered by the presented ships.

Star Conflict introduces a system of corporations! Unite in corporations, choose your leaders and conquer space. Everything is in your hands! (Meanwhile, the leaders of corporations that previously reserved a name for your corporation, need to add at least 1500 GS to their accounts.)

The changes were made to the recent addition - the "Shipyard defence" mode. We introduced a new, additional PvE mode - on the same battlefield, but with a higher difficulty, for T3-T4 ships and the most fearless pilots!

Weapon mechanics have been rebalanced based on the feedback of our players.

We would be grateful if you gave us your opinion about the new patch in the comments below.

A full list of changes can be found on our forums!

Star Conflict OBT v.0.6.5

20 December 2012, 16:09

Meet the new Mission mode - "Shipyard defence." This mode is the beginning of the upcoming storyline. So, today, we would like to tell you more about this mode.
In this mode, you have to protect the construction site of a dreadnought against enemy sabotage. AI-controlled ships are your enemies, coming in waves. The strength of these waves is not equal, they unevenly alternate, with a strong wave replaced by a weak one and so forth. Waves arrive in rounds with four rounds in total. In the fourth round, you will meet the most powerful enemy - "The Punisher" - a T5 ship with unique abilities. Keep in mind that the technological level of enemies does not depent on the technological level of the player, so they may even be stronger than you! But is even more interesting this way!
There are also three monitoring stations on the map. Enemies try to capture them to disrupt the construction of the dreadnought. In order to win back the territory, you have to go through all the rounds, destroy enemies and protect at least one control station. Please note that your allotted time is limited!
Not an easy task? It's just right for you, space explorers! And the reward is worth it too! After the fight, you will find loot for T2 ships!
Go for it! And don't forget to leave your comments about the new game mode.

Star Conflict OBT v.0.6.4.

14 December 2012, 12:32

The Federation is known for appreciating comfort and convenience. In addition to this, they value simplicity and ease of management. We took the finest Federation citizens as an example, and made control of the game easier. Previously, to coordinate a squad you had to be constantly distracted to enter the appropriate command in the chat. Now the game has a new user-friendly squad interface. From now on, there is nothing stopping you in battle!

So we present to you another innovation prompted by the representatives of the Federation. A friend list window has appeared in Star Conflict. You can add players to the friends list, monitor their status, share quick messages, invite them to squads or add  them to your ignore list.

A full list of changes can be found on the forum.

We would be grateful if you left your ideas on the v.0.6.4 patch on in the comments section below.

Code PVE Zero SC

10 December 2012, 9:59

Top secret.
Code PVE Zero SC.

The enemy has discovered a classified shipyard, which is building our first dreadnought, designed to ensure our dominance in the sector.
Your squad is designated to protect the facility from enemy forces. our enemy's ruthlessness knows no bounds - we must be prepared for anything - you can expect anything from a frontal attack to sabotage.
Be ready for anything.
And remember: Dreadnought must be completed at all costs.
The X hour will be declassified this Thursday.

Star Conflict OBT v 0.6.3: "Combat Reconnaissance!"

06 December 2012, 11:07

The new patch brings us a new game mode called "Combat Reconnaissance!
"Modern technology comes to the front line!

The captain of each team is given a powerful radar, which allows the captain to see all the movements of enemy ships. The radar also provides a signal for the base teleporters: while the captain is alive, the ships of his team respawn infinitely.

Unfortunately, the high-power radar's signal cannot be shielded, so the captain is always visible to all enemy ships. When the captain dies, the ships of his team can no longer respawn.

The game ends when all the enemies are destroyed or the battle's time is out.

If both captains are alive after the timeout, the winning team is the one which killed the most enemies.

The new mode makes the game even more dynamic and is a great treat for the fans of uncompromising battles!

To read the full list of changes in the new patch, please visit the forums.

A new promo in Star Conflict!

29 November 2012, 11:36

We have more good news for our pilots!
To celebrate the release of a new patch, we start a new promotion - you get twice as much reputation in battle!
So, it is time for high-octane battles, risk taking and experimentation!
Do not miss your chance to get a double dose of reputation!

What does Star Conflict OBT v0.6.2 bring us?

29 November 2012, 11:19

A new week has come, and with it a new patch and new features in the game!
This time, we decided to treat you with a new system of battle participation.
Say your resounding "No!" to the tactics of hiding behind asteroids! Go on and give it your all in desperate battles!
In this new patch, beginners as well as old-timers will be able to take an equal part in the battle, providing a contribution to the victory of their team.

You just joined the fight and only after a couple of minutes all of your ships have been destroyed by the enemy? This is no longer a problem!
Corporations are willing to support the pilots fighting on their side and provide a continuous arrival of reinforcements from the main ship of the fleet.
The ships now don't sustain critical damage that stops them from participating in fight, and after a while they can rejoin the battle.

Infinite respawns should spur our veterans to commit to more decisive action.
Just imagine how much combat potential is open to you now!
From now on, it's all-out fighting to the very end.
Don't be afraid to experiment, try new weapons and modules.
One can endlessly change tactics, coming up with more and more original models of attack and defense, inventing clever deceptive maneuvers
.And, most importantly, - "asteroid peek-a-boo" can be left only for the most hardcore snipers!

You may read full list of changes in the game forum.

Play the latest version of Star Conflict!
See you in space!

Star Conflict new patch OBT v0.6.1!

22 November 2012, 12:42

Attention, Pilots!
Today, a new patch sees the light of day - Star Conflict OBT v0.6.1!
Brace yourselves, for we have a lot in store for you:

First, the updated matchmaking system:
- Reduced the probability of very strong players being matched with the weaker players.
- Changed the team distribution logic, so that is is more balanced.
- Only three modes left: "Combat", "Training", and "Test fight."

Secondly, the changed battle rewards system:
- The technological level of the opposing team does not affect the credit reward anymore.
- The level of income depends solely on the technological level of the player's ships. The higher this level, the higher the reward.
- Adjusted the bonus rewards - now it depends on the player's effectiveness.
- The base bonus reward increases with the technological level of the ships.

And finally, we completely removed the damage to and the need for repair of all modules.
Now you have nothing to distract you from combat missions.

In addition, we have decided to help you with the selection of modules and weapons! We added detailed tooltips that should timely hint which option will suit you best!

This is not a complete list of changes.
Play the latest version of Star Conflict, and you will find lots of interesting things!

Planets Under Attack released on PSN in America, and worldwide on XBLA!

14 November 2012, 14:10

We are happy to announce the release of Planets Under Attack on PSN in America, and worldwide on XBLA!
Become the sole conqueror of the farthest space worlds or play with your friends!
Not only does Planets Under Attack boast a colourful comic-art style, but it also has plenty achievements and unorthodox tasks for you to complete!
Conquer the Universe on your favourite console!

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