Star Conflict

Space MMO Action

Space combat simulator

Three thousand years have passed since the first colonists left Earth. Now the galaxy is divided between the militant star empires and independent mercenary groups. In a remote corner of the galaxy — Sector 1337, the area of the dead — a world has been left behind. Here, the ruins of a great civilization of Precursors have recently been discovered. Huge factories and sprawling cities are falling into decay. But there is not a living soul.

Everything has been destroyed by a mysterious Cataclysm — a pulsing anomaly that burned out all life within this sector. This doesn’t stop mankind, the new «owner» of the Universe. Mercenaries and adventurers have flocked to the sector to sift through the ruins and loot its abandoned artifacts, without consideration of the danger. Many have disappeared — including members of well-armed expeditions — but those who have managed to return have uncovered unprecedented riches. So looters continue to come here, to find the Precursors’ lost treasures — and to fight for them.

You can take command of varied battleships, from nimble scouting ships to heavy frigates loaded with guns and rockets. In due time, you can command your own fleet. Each ship can be used for strategic missions — investigate the area, hunt enemies from the shadows, or gain support from allies. The impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets available will help with your success. Also, you can form an alliance with friends to create a deadly squadron of elite pilots. However strong and dexterous you are as a pilot, there’s always room to improve. So, develop your abilities, establish specialized skills, and perfect your tactics. You could rush into battle full-force, operate stealthily from a distance, or sneak around your enemies and strike a crushing blow from behind — the strategy is up to you!

Game features:

  • Breakneck gameplay as you pilot of combat spacecraft.
  • Intense and impressive online team battles.
  • High-end, detailed graphics and visual effects.
  • Numerous pieces of ship equipment and pilot modifications.
  • Hundreds of custom and interdependent RPG elements.
  • The opportunity to gather friends on your own team or even a clan, and together.


Space MMO Action

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