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Star Conflict Heroes

Assemble a fleet of spaceships to stop the alien invasion. Star Conflict Heroes is a fun third person game in the sci-fi RPG genre where each pilot can join the epic battle with aliens and their minions. Explore the space expanses, complete missions, destroy bosses and fight other players on the arena.

 Travel across the expanses of the universe

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of space during journeys between planets and stations.

Aim and use unique ship modules

Indicate attack direction in battle to hit the target.

Assemble your battle fleet

Collect all 32 ships and upgrade them.Use unique weapon perks to destroy enemies.

Pick the best ships

Prepare a combat squad for each mission

Manipulate ships in battle to create the most effective squad. Choose the best ships from your fleet to complete different game tasks.

Compete with other players

Participate in tournaments on the arena! Fight other players, win and get prizes!

Complete thrilling campaign missions

Visit all the distant corners of the universe and complete missions.  Find unique rare resources!

Fight bosses

On your liberation journey you will have to encounter ships with striking firepower. But nothing can stop a pilot if he is motivated by a just cause.

Take part in battles with pirates and aliens

Liberate the inhabitants of the galaxy from an imminent threat


sci-fi rpg

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