Planets under Attack


Game page:

Cartoon-styled space strategy

Roar through a faraway galaxy, conquering an impressive number of levels and completing an array of diverse missions. Fight for dominance in multiple self-contained planetary systems as you take the helm of your own space fleet. Each level provides loads of diversity, from goals to modes to difficulty levels. Conquer an entire planet system before an infested planet hatches aliens, or conquer a planet and hold off all comers! In addition, every mission offers three levels of difficulty, with each level unlocking additional challenges.

The deceptively simple game mechanics are packed into demanding missions, chalk full of strategic hazards. Rotating asteroid belts, changing star constellations and varied objectives make every mission a unique gaming experience that leaves the player hungry for the next challenge.

Game features:

  • Moving planetary systems in a 3-D Universe with an adjustable view allows for the best possible presentation of the gameplay.
  • A fresh setting and intuitive gameplay tell an exciting and funny story that encompasses a far ranging galaxy.
  • Intelligent enemies with different skills and races await you. From alien space-swarms to greedy zombies, defeating enemies will require different skills and tactics.
  • Comic-style characters act in totally localized dialogues.
  • 18 different Multiplayer Maps for 2-4 players.
  • Different Game modes: Team Multiplayer, Elimination, Capture, King of the Hill  and Domination allow for endless replay.






Game console:
PC, XBOX, PS3, Mac