Hard Truck


Hard Truck

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of diesel and dust, bandits and mobsters rule the last remaining cities, controlling all vital trade routes and destroying any hope of a return to a lawful world. It's up to you, as the driver of a heavy transportation truck, to blast through the mayhem and deliver needed supplies to desperate towns. Your life depends on being the ultimate offensive driver, while making sure to keep your truck in top operating and fighting condition. It's kill or be killed in the world of Hard Truck Apocalypse.

Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans - is an addon to a vehicular Action/RPG set in an alternate future. New heroes and mysteries await you in the vistas of a post-apocalyptic North America. Special customization features, new types of weapons, and hi-tech bosses will immerse you even deeper into the ruthless world of Apocalypse, and your extreme driving skills will serve you well in its new multiplayer mode.

Ex Machina Arcade - is the races through the deserted prairies and canyons of northern America, infected by a fatal virus. You are to find the reasons of the global catastrophe described in the original game Hard Truck: Apocalypse. The game is a standalone project, with the gameplay that's different from the original game.

Game features:

  • The player will have several unique trucks to choose from, with various stats and a great number of upgrades and improvements.
  • Many 30 types of weapon: guns, machine guns, missiles, mines, energy weapon.
  • Tons of enemies: heavy trucks, war transports, robots, infantry, bosses
  •  Incredibly realistic driving and combat physics.
  • Spectacular truck damage and destruction by various types of weapon with stunning special effects. 
  • The multiplayer mode  is the most important feature of Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans add-on.



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