Day Watch


Day Watch

Day Watch – is a tactic role game based on the ultra successful movie series. The game follows up the series and offers an improved gameplay and a captivating plot. Anyone who dares to enter the world of Day Watch, will have to draw the line between Good and Evil and try to stay on the right side of it.

Based on the ultra successful movie series. There are people among us who appear to look ordinary but they are not. They lead a two-fold existence and name themselves appropriately “The Others”. These beings have the unique ability to alter physical reality and to manipulate the alternative one.
The Others are divided into those who follow the Light and those who pursue Darkness. Their battle goes on since ages long forgotten and will continue until one side permanently gains the upper hand.

  • In depth role playing system.
  • Combat, magic and morphing abilities.
  • Discover the Dark Side with the Day Watch!
  • Combined Magic skills - coordinate team actions to use combo magic abilities and smite the enemies of the Watch.
  • Take the fight to Washington, Paris and Moscow.



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