Battle vs Chess

Chess / RPG / Arcade

Strategic chess game

If you combine a chessboard, dynamic combat and superbly animated figures, something incredible is bound to come out!

Serious chess games for the connoisseurs, fierce fights for the fans of virtual battles and a variety of mini-games that are sure to please absolutely everyone!

  • Action game elements bring novelty and a fresh dynamic to classical chess;
  • A special mode allows you to turn a game of chess into a real battle - the players can take control of any piece on the board and prove that sometimes a pawn can be stronger than a queen;
  • For those who are new to chess, there is a training mode, which introduces the basics of this entertaining strategic game;
  • The game features more than 50 different puzzles and mini-games;
  • This game was built on the world-renowned chess engine Fritz!, so it's bound to provide enough headscratchers even for the experienced chess players out there;
  • Beautiful graphics, excellent musical arrangement, and lots of bonuses!



Chess / RPG / Arcade

Game console:
PC, PS3, XBOX 360, Mac