Star Conflict 1.6.3d

17 October, 8:27

Attention, pilots! UMC announces the end of the Moon Race! All pilots can now build the new Jericho guard frigate “Custodian” and take part in the event “Hostile Waters, visit the location “Dreamland” and take part in the PVE-mission “Temple of Last Hope”.

New location “Dreamland”

  • The location is available to all players.
  • You can enter the location through the “Open space” mode through the gates in the “Guardian-17” location.

“Hostile Waters” Event

  • Now all players can participate in the event.
  • Players get tasks in the location “Dreamland”.

PvE mission “Temple of Last Hope”

  • Now the mission is available to all players.


Jericho guard frigate “Custodian”

  • Pilots who received all three parts of the “Manual Piloting System” in the Moon Race can assemble the “Custodian” ship at any time.

  • In the future, the ship will be available to players only as part of DLC.

  • Those pilots who received one or more parts of the Manual Piloting System during the Moon Race will get a special discount on the purchase of the Custodian DLC when it is available.

  • The discount is bigger if you earned more parts of the “Manual Piloting System” during the race.

  • To get a discount, you do not need to have the parts in your warehouse. It is important that you participated in the “Moon Race” and opened the cells with parts of the “Manual Piloting System”.

Special module "Protective barrier"

  • Increased distance between the barrier and the ship.
  • The size of the barrier is doubled.
  • Now the barrier lets projectiles from allies through.

Weapons and modules


  • Weapon damage increased by 15%.


  • Added the title “Honorary UMC informant”.

BlazeRush on Nintendo Switch

13 February, 15:57

We are happy to finally share the news: on February 19, our project BlazeRush will be released on the Nintendo Switch! BR will be the first game by our company on the Nintendo console.

BlazeRush is an arcade survival racing game with easy local and online multiplayer. A unique feature of BlazeRush is that you can play with friends without split screen!

Features of BlazeRush:

  • Easy multiplayer. Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online;

  • Couch vs. couch. The option for local players to arrange races online without split screen;

  • The ability to join the game at any time;

  • Dozens of vibrant race tracks on three planets, 16 cars and a variety of cool guns;

  • Many medals for various tricks

Another interesting feature of the game: there is no health and damage from weapons — only physical interaction. No matter how many shells hit you, as long as you can stay on the road — you're in the race. This creates unpredictable situations on the track between the players, you can really feel the physics of the game. Intense, insane, yet intuitive.

With each new achievement, new cars, weapons and modes will be available to players.

The game was released in 2014 on PS3 (and then on PS4) and on Steam, where it reached the 1st place in the list of popular new products. In 2016, we exhibited BlazeRush at the E3 computer games industry show in Los Angeles — the project was included in the Oculus launch line.

Star Conflict universe turns 7!

01 February, 14:21

On February 1, our game universe turns 7 years old and we are extremely happy to celebrate the anniversary with you!

These days, the game developer Targem Games, with one of its divisions being Star Gem Inc., the developer of the Star Conflict project turns 17 years old. We wish the company new heights and new games!

Targem Games is 17!

29 January, 14:41

On January 27, we became one year older. Targem Games turned 17!

During this time we have grown not only physically, but also professionally. Every day more than 100 like-minded people make what they love most in their life — games.

In 17 years, we have made 17 games on the most existing platforms, including VR. A project for each year is an excellent result!

We received awards in Los Angeles at the world-famous E3 exhibition and from the leading media, the projects by Targem Games are known around the world without exaggeration. Since the start of the OBT, 15 million players have played Crossout!

What's next? We will continue to work, create new worlds and improve them. Your approval is the best support in this business. Thank you!

So... this is not only ours, but also your time to celebrate. Happy birthday to all of us!