Star Conflict: Journey

06 March, 9:59

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of the “Journey” update. In a major redesign of the game’s progression system, players can now earn experience points and unlock new content by taking part in a story-driven campaign. The update offers beginners a gradual introduction to the game’s warring factions, different ship types, and incrementally increasing complex combat scenarios, while experienced pilots can head directly to more challenging adventures in outer space on new, powerful ships.

A journey of hundred light-years begins at the United Mercenary Center, where the player joins a group of elite scouts searching for the missing fleet of the powerful, but enigmatic Ellydium Corporation. While looking for clues on what could have possibly caused an entire fleet of an interstellar conglomerate to vanish without a trace, the player gradually delves deeper into the unknown. Besides the new campaign mode, the “Journey” update adds new top-tier ships, such as the ‘Wolfhound’ fighter. Using the ‘Wounded Beast’ ability, the ship can significantly increase its combat power if the hull is critically damaged. The new command fighter ‘Granite’ is capable of protecting itself against both physical damage and hackers“virtual” damage, as it can use its ‘Anti-Sabotage 2.1’ ability to prevent enemy hackers from taking over ship control.

Furthermore, two new space sectors can now be explored in the Star Conflict universe: ‘PB #42’ is located just above the surface of a planet, where high cliffs provide protection for support ships as fighters can use the cover to flank the enemy’s positions. ‘Excavation Site #6’ features a similar, but more barren environment. Here, the focus is on long-range engagements, but smaller vessels can still take advantage of the uneven surface.

Find out more on the Star Conflict website!

Crossout 0.9.0 Firestarters

08 February, 9:33

Thursday, February 8, 2018 — Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment today released Update 0.9.0 for Crossout, the post-apocalyptic crafting-and-combat Action MMO. It adds, among new features and other improvements, the seventh faction to the game - the Firestarters. Players allying with this group of fire-worshipping madmen are rewarded with new vehicle parts that can turn any battlefield into a scorched wasteland: Incendiary bombs, a kamikaze cabin, and a “meat grinder turned wheels” are only some of the new parts available now.

One of the hottest innovations of Update 0.9.0 is the ‘Incinerator’, a crude catapult launching gasoline-filled projectiles that set entire areas ablaze. Thus, if you see a neatly stacked pack of Jerrycans flying your way, make sure you hit the gas before it hits you. Also new is the ‘Fortune’ launcher, firing burning wheels in bursts of three that roll towards unfortunate enemies detonating on contact. And for the tactical arsonist, the new ‘Draco’ flamethrower deals direct damage, leaving enemy vehicles red hot and causing them to take double damage from any kind of weaponry.

Besides their arsenal of weapons, the Firestarters possess impressive machinery, such as a giant pair of blades called the ‘Meat Grinder’. This unusual contraption, placed on a vehicle chassis like a pair of wheels, allows Firestarters to move at equal speed in any direction - and even strafe sideways! Dealing damage on contact, the ‘Meat Grinder’ and other close-combat weapons are ideally combined with the ‘Harpoon’ gun, which allows players to grab a hold of other vehicles and prevent them from escaping. And with the new Firestarter cabin, ‘Werewolf’, players can claw victory from defeat, as it houses a small, wheeled drone strapped full of explosives. Launched upon destruction of the own vehicle, it gives the player 10 seconds to seek revenge by detonating it against an enemy in a daring kamikaze attack. 

Other changes to Crossout include an increased maximum battle time in PvP from 3 to 5 minutes for players that have achieved level 10. Additionally, the time required to capture objectives was increased by 50%, giving players the chance to apply more tactically diverse solutions in combat and fully use all the varying capabilities of their vehicles.

Further information about Update 0.9.0 and the new Firestarter faction is available on the official website:

Star Conflict turns 6!

01 February, 14:50

On February 1st Star Conflict universe turns 6 years old, and we are immensely happy to celebrate the anniversary with you!

These are also the days when the video game developer Targem Games, whose branches include Star Conflict developers Star Gem Inc., celebrates its 16th anniversary. We wish the company new heights and new games!

In honor of the game's birthday, we have prepared presents:

  • The festive coloring scheme is once again available to all players.
  • New unique holiday stickers have become available. The stickers will be available for a limited time!
  • Unique stickers in honor of the 16th anniversary of ‘Targem Games’, developer of the game ‘Star Conflict’. The stickers will be available for a limited time!
  • Special celebratory missiles.

Happy birthday, pilots!

Targem Games is 16!

26 January, 17:39


Every year, we set ourselves new increasingly complex and interesting goals and we always reach them. The past year was no exception.

In 2017, our post-apocalyptic game Crossout transitioned into OBT and became available on the Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PC and of course Steam. It was not easy to do this, and we are grateful to the project's team for the work done. 

The space action Star Conflict received many new modes, weapons, modules and of course ships. Pilots also got the important opportunity to trade with each other. 

We released a new online game Star Conflict Heroes, which allowed Android and iOS players to become captains of huge flotillas and fight for supremacy in space.

Friends, we thank you for your support and we will do our best to keep you happy in the future!


Yours faithfully,

Targem Games team.