Dive into a world of chaos, explosive physics and furious fun! Bright and dynamic vehicular combat, without health
and without brakes!
  • Simple multiplayer. Up to 4 players locally
    and up to 8 players online;
  • Couch against couch. Opportunity for local players to set up online races;
  • Ability to connect to the game at any time;
  • Dozens of crazy tracks on three planets, 16 cars and a variety of cool guns;
  • Many medals for various tricks and frills.
Available on PS3 Europe and PC Steam on 29th of October.

Blaze Rush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes! 

Space MMO Action

Star Conflict is an MMO game in the space simulator genre.

Chess / RPG / Arcade

Good and evil, black and white are fighting each other all over again. But this time the chessboard is not just a board.

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BestApp 2014 

19 November, 15:59

First Patch for PC!

29 October, 10:52

Yes! BlazeRush is now available!